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Nathan and Some Other People

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This is a community specifically for fans of Two Guys and a Girl (AKA Nathan and Some Other People or just NASOP) who got into the series largely (or exclusively) because of Nathan Fillion's portrayal of the character Johnny Donnelly in seasons two - four. As a result, this community will probably be largely Johnny-centric, although we do encourage love of all of the characters/actors. (It just seems a lot of TG&aG communities are very heavily Berg-Pete centric and we're into a different aspect of the show.)

Anyway, I'll be posting caps of Johnny from time to time, and probably some icons, as well. I greatly encourage you to post any fannish thoughts, fics, banners, icons, music video or other creations you've got based on this show and Nathan's portrayal of Johnny in it.

I'll put up rules and things later, if need be.

nasop is affliated with:
fillion_daily, a fantastic community for all your Nathan photo needs.
oh_nathan, a silly community to fulfill all your silly Nathan needs.

Special thanks to madeitsimple for making the community banner! :)

(Moderated by van)
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